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'Kākāriki over Kaitake' L.E. Print

$300.00 NZD

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Signed, limited edition prints of one of Maryanne's favourites. With only 30 made, this is a special piece.

Stock size: 470 x 620mm  

Image size: 370 x 500mm

Bagged and shipped in cardboard tube. Care must be taken in removing the print from the tube- best to avoid handling as much as possible before framing!

'In this work Kākāriki over Kaitake, I find myself suspended in mid-air in one of those rare, still, Taranaki mornings. The light is refracted from pink to eggshell blue and moisture hangs lazily in the air, blanketing the earth. The image seems familiar, did I dream I was here? Or maybe I’ve watched from the confines of the ground two birds purposefully gliding over the ranges, comfortably at home among the clouds. These kākāriki, survivors from an earlier time once abundant on the maunga, now only endure on offshore islands. But this painting dreams of what might be possible, there is a glimmer of hope resting under the clouds.

This work demonstrates Shearman’s attention to detail that both honors the maunga and the surrounding environment. It recognizes the folds and furrows of the alpine landscape in contemporary and somehow ancient Aotearoa, untouched and unmoved by our industry. There is no unnecessary romanticizing of the scenery like the landscape painters of our past. Shearman acknowledges the mauri already existing within these well observed spaces and she asks us to look again, to pause, and reflect on where we might fit, in the thin places between heaven and earth.'

Words by Elliot Collins.