Taranaki artist Maryanne Shearman uses traditional oil and canvas to create absorbing modern images. Every ‘snapshot-like’ scene has many layers of luminescent colour, and equally as much soul.

Deeply drawn to the history and metaphors of the whenua, Maryanne seeks to capture the physical with pedantic accuracy, while still allowing the spirit of the place or creature to carry through. She is becoming increasingly interested in traditional techniques like that of the Māori portrait painters Lindauer and Goldie, and the prophetic symbolism of the old masters.

Maryanne is self-taught, and has a refreshing confidence about her unfolding portfolio. “I paint to capture something beautiful, but every work also represents a deeper story, belief, or tension.”

Wether you are captured by the visual precision of her pieces alone, or connect with an imbued concept, Maryanne’s work calls you in, to look closer, and to dream as she does.


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