Maryanne Shearman is establishing herself as a recognised talent, utilising paint to manifest a love of the natural world. Her works acknowledge the mauri within all things, whether highly detailed or spacious and minimalistic, they place us in the moment as observers or guests with all the responsibilities of manuhiri. Despite her painstaking and methodical process Maryanne manages to imbue her work with a strong emotional resonance, often capturing recognisable prophetic imagery. A love of Te Reo Māori me ōna tikanga and a sincere desire to live out faith, justice, and an authentic treaty relationship as a pākehā woman informs her work and guides her future plans. 

Mustard Fridays Doco

E mihi ana a Maryanne ki Stategy Collective, ngā kaiwhakaahu pakihi rawa o Ngāmotu! 

Many thanks to Strategy Collective, for including Maryanne in Season Four of Mustard Fridays, a documentary Series celebrating people in our community who are 'cutting the mustard'! See all documentaries here:

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